Four Tips for Boar Hunts

Hunting pigs is becoming increasingly popular and essentially an exciting year-round activity for hunters. New rules in the hunting ordinance regarding variable lighting, which came into force in 2021-2025, also make it easier to shoot wild boars than ever. For those of you who are not an experienced pig hunter or have just started using bait, here are seven tips to get the most out of your bait hunt:

1. Wear Quiet Garments

Pigs have excellent hearing and are intelligent animals. Missing a good location and coming home empty-handed due to clothes rustling is easy to avoid. Today, many hunting clothing brands have special series adapted for hunting occasions that require extra quiet garments. Deerhunter has, i.a., the series Mufflon and Rusky for men and Lady Estelle for women.

2. Be on-site Well in Advance

Regardless of whether you are adequately protected, it is important not to spread your odor in the area. An hour before dark is a good rule of thumb. If possible, position yourself so that the wind blows from the ledge towards where you are sitting.

3. The Key to Success

Corn and peas are a common and economical way to fill the bait – in addition, the pigs appreciate it. There are many preparations on the market to increase the attractiveness of the feed further – remember not to use bread or other human food.

A good rule of thumb is that feed spreader one starts at dusk and number two 2-3 hours later. Then you create good conditions for visits during the session.

4. Do I Need a Thermal Binocular Sight?

Of course, wild boar were hunted long before today’s thermal products were approved in Sweden, but those who once started using them can rarely or never imagine going back. Buying your thermal binoculars has also become quite possible as prices have dropped drastically in recent years with, e.g., Hik Micro, a high-quality challenger with excellent specifications. A thermal binocular sight makes the hunt more exciting, more precise, and enjoyable to use. Used correctly, it also provides an additional safety dimension to the hunt. Several models have an automatic transfer of film and image for those who like to document their hunt.

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