34 Christian Birthday Greetings to a Woman

I want to wish you bright thoughts and God’s blessings birthday wishes on my birthday. May all your prayers reach heaven – and good requests will be fulfilled. Of course, I wish you good health, prosperity, peace of mind and peace. May every day be joyful for you. Believe in the best, and let faith in your heart always be!

33 Christian Birthday Greetings to a Woman

  1. Happy birthday, bestowed by the Lord; from my sincere heart, I congratulate you! Our Father may send down all that is desired! May pure and bright Faith go hand in hand with resilient Hope, with grace-filled Love, with peace and harmony in your soul in your life! May there always be people who are kindred in spirit, able to forgive and understand, to believe!
  2. The star of goodness lit up in the sky,
    When the soul came into our world.
    May your birthday be bright.
    Fate brought gifts.
  3. Let the Lord keep from sadness,
    From evil intent and troubles.
    Things to multiply joy,
    Health, happiness, for many years.
  4. Happy birthday, I hasten to congratulate
    And sincerely, dear, wish:
    May God never leave you in trouble,
    And also continues to help!
  5. And let your angel always be there, so
    that no trouble happens.
    And to wish more, of course, you need
    More joy and kindness, Warmth in the soul, divine light,
    Harmony and happiness! And let Love
    be in life both in winter and in summer,
    And warms the soul again and again!
  6. We sincerely wish you Love, warmth, success, support, joy, and God’s blessing on your bright day of birth!
  7. May all the heavenly forces, Angels, archangels and the Almighty help to cope with all life situations and trials! All the best to you, reliable friends and wisdom! Let Love be in your heart and in your life! Peace to you, prosperity and grace!
  8. I wish you to feel the support of God in every business, at every step in life, with every breath! Let the divine beginning be in your every undertaking! May there be no end to your faith, and this will give you confidence in every day, and hope for a better outcome in life, and the opportunity to live righteously and happily!
  9. May every day be filled with simple joys, reminding us that the grace of God is with each of us. May the guardian angel overshadow life with his bright wings and hide from all sorts of adversities. And may pious thoughts purify the soul and heart from all sorrow!
  10. Happy birthday, congratulations
    on the most important and bright day.
    I wish you strong faith, Love
    so that the temple is like a father’s house.
  11. May there be no sadness in the heart,
    May the soul not know too long.
    Heaven bless, Let the
    goals are high.
  12. I wish you warmth and prosperity,
    Always live according to God’s laws
    And pray, but not stealthily
    And not only when there is trouble.
  13. I wish to live with God in my heart,
    And not to know bad emotions,
    And keep your door open
    for people and God!
    Author: Lana Vinogradova
  14. You are a woman – a breath of air,
    You are beautiful like a rose flower
    You are worthy of admiration
    Happy birthday!
  15. I wish you many years
    In the house, there was comfort and bright light
    Live God-preserved
    Confident, invincible.
  16. Let there be summer in the soul
    And life will be colourful,
    You are so sweet and gentle
    And we all really need.
  17. Happy birthday, my dear!
    Let your soul sing,
    Faith in God helps,
    And prayer gives.
  18. I wish you peace
    In the house, in the heart and family,
    So that there is no idol
    In heaven and on earth.
  19. May the Lord alone be a guarantee
    to all your deeds,
    There will be no grief, boredom with him,
    He is the judge and Lord.
  20. Prosper for the joy of people,
    Do not hide envy in your heart,
    Let no one judge you,
    Rejoice in great Love.
  21. I want to wish on your birthday
    Spiritual clarity, the warmth of the heart,
    So that life gives the joy of the moment,
    Calm, peaceful, bright!
  22. May the Lord send you health, strength,
    So that you do a lot of good in life,
    So that your house is cosy, bright, sweet,
    The whole family lives in Love prosperity!
  23. Do not believe in dating, relationships and luck –
    Believe in God, joy, belief in happiness and dreams.
    Less often listen to unfortunate programs
    About the sweet life, fashion, beauty.
  24. On your birthday, forget the doubts
    That drag you to the bottom like an anchor,
    Catch inspiration from this life
    And do what the sky has decided.
  25. Happy birthday! Every day praise the Lord and give thanks for what he has given, not forgetting to give thanks to a hundred times more for what he did not provide. Rejoice in every day that you have experienced, be happy with the understanding that you live this life for the benefit of everyone who meets on your path. Be grateful for the opportunity to help people because this is the best investment for the soul.
  26. I congratulate you on your birthday! I wish you God’s blessing in all your affairs. May the guardian angel protect you from evil, envy and all that is bad and negative.
  27. May your path always be illuminated by your unshakable faith and confidence that everything always happens the way it should be and the best for you.
  28. May the road shed by the grace of God,
    Where you must pass through life,
    May there be few mournful days on it.
  29. I want to live righteously in abundance.
    Let all your sins be not heavy,
    May faith from the road not let you turn.
    Distribute goodness, be open-hearted
    And share the path with a devoted friend.
  30. Happy birthday to you!
    May the Almighty protect from harm.
    I sincerely wish you many years,
    To give us Love and light.
  31. May your health does not fail you,
    May you have enough vigour and strength.
    Let the Angel of the Lord help,
    So that the rear is reliable calm!
    Author: Lana Vinogradova
  32. May all hardships recede, May
    other people’s words not hurt,
    May there be peace and pleasure
    On your bright holiday – your birthday.
  33. I wish, my dear, that the evening
    is rich in meetings today.
  34. So that the holiday is noisy, happy,
    So that you are always beautiful.
    Let the miracle be imperceptible,
    And thoughts will be only bright,
    Only be filled with grace
    And be renewed with pure faith.

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