How to Celebtation Birthady at Home

Birthdays are one of the best days for children and also for adults, at this time when we cannot hold a big celebration with all the friends and family that we would like, we bring you some ideas. With the help of the little ones, we have made a list of ideas to enjoy a children’s birthday at home.

How to Celebtation Birthady at Home

Because now the important thing is not the birthday party but the birthday boy!!

1. Create your virtual invitation

To start a party you may see some ideas on , the first thing you have to do is invite your friends with emotional birthday wishes for best friend girl or boy, and what better than to make your own virtual invitation and surprise them. With applications like PicsArt or Canva, you can make your invitation with all the details, connection time, theme, and address in case they want to send you a gift.

2. Congratulations with Video Call

Connect with your friends through channels like Zoom or Skype and enjoy them while they congratulate you and sing the famous happy birthday. 

3. Homemade

cake A good homemade birthday cake that they will surely remember because you can make it as a family all together the day before. Cooking with children is always fun, and here we leave you several recipes that you can make as a family, such as chocolate panna cotta, Easter cakes, caramel apples, chocolate pancakes, and many more.

4. Prepare your favorite menu

Prepare your favorite food, and why not, homemade pizza that you can also make with your parents or even spring rolls !! 

5. Family games – Homemade karaoke

contestant to see who gets the golden microphone- Makeup and hairdressing session for the most conceited-costume contest with walk included- Marathon of board games and games to develop intelligence

6. Picnic at the home

What fun to eat in a different place from the usual table. Prepare a large sheet and everything you need to create a special atmosphere for the snack.

7. Decorator for a day

Let him change his bedroom with his new ideas and corners so that he remembers that special and fun day. Don’t forget to take some pictures of his “new room” because it will be fun to see it in a few years. 

8 Tent

What child hasn’t dreamed of sleeping in a tent in their bedroom? Get everything you have and help him set up the best store with bags, sheets, mattresses, decorations, lights.

9. Today the birthday boy rules 

It’s the day for the birthday boy to set his “rules” and to comply with them…  

10. Homemade

piñata We propose you to make a homemade piñata with recycled materials that you have at home, so we encourage the creativity of the little ones and have a fun and different time from the rest of the days at home. Here we leave you an example of Papelisimo, and we hope you like it. But if you want, you can search among the best YouTube channels to do crafts with children.

11. A homemade gift

  • A video from friends: A few days in advance, ask your friends and family to send you a recording with the congratulations and put together a congratulatory video that will surely surprise the birthday boy. Use applications forWindows like Windows Movie Maker, Filmora, LightWorks, IvsEdits, VSDC Free Video Editor, Avidemux, and forMaciMovie, VideoPad, or Moravian. In addition, you have applications to use from your mobiles, such as FilmoraGo, Inshot, or VideoShot.
  • A checkbook with 10 gift vouchers: Fun gift to make at home for the rest of the family, with vouchers such as a massage, a family movie, your favorite meal, your favorite dinner, a family board game.

12. Find your gift

Hide the gift to become a real Sherlock Holmes, using clues. You can also keep the gift in a hidden place and tie it with a very, very long string, thread, or wool passing through the whole house in such a way that the birthday person has to discover his gift by following the string. An activity to have fun before, during, and after doing it. 

13. Online games with friends

Online games are guaranteed success to have a fun time. We leave you the list with the best 2 Player Games to play with friends: Apalabrados, Just Dance Now, HouseParty, Parcheesi Star, Pinturillo 2, UNO!, Brainito, Rummikub, Trivia Crack 2, and The Sims.

14. DIY Decoration

With the help of some crafts, we can create an unforgettable atmosphere with colored paper garlands, a crown for the little one, balloons, and much more. 

15. Children’s movie marathon and popcorn

This is one of the ideas that the little ones like the most because what they most want is for us to be with them, enjoying their favorite movies.

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